Thursday, 12 July 2012


A philosophical travelogue by Meril Mathew.

This book maps a journey to that old shore town, Dhanushkodi, from  Rameshwaram.

It is a journey from the din and bustle of a pilgrim centre, to the desolation of a ghost town. The book is an enriching philosophical voyage. 

About the book

This book is a visual retreat for those who have love for traveling and photography. 

Book at a glance..

This coffee table book will amaze you in many ways.The collection of over 50 striking photographs portrays rural life of an enchanting town dhanushkodi which once enjoyed the abundance of nature’s gifts in its finest form. It became mere history in 1968 when devastation swept it away. also the mystical and dynamic culture of a pilgrim centre Rameshwaram are sensitively captured through the eyes of the photographer.

How to pre order the book.

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